FlightFactor Development Update

FlithFactor developer, Ramzzess, has today shared via the X-Plane.org Forums some information about the future of FlightFactor as a development studio. FlightFactor is now very happy to state that most of the updates they had in plans are now complete.

The Boeing 757 and 767 are stable and full of features, the A350v1 has been updated to include SID/STAR received new textures and many features and all our planes, including the A320 Ultimate are now Vulkan compatible. 

FlightFactor has confirmed that they will continue working on current models and that v2 updates are still in plans. It was not clarified if they were talking about the needed Boeing 777v2 update.

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As there are no major updates currently being worked on and FlightFactor has decided to start a new project that will be of a new generation. The project is still in a very early stage of development and no information was shared about it.

We are looking ahead into the link of our next generation models and thinking of a way to make them closer to reality in terms of the pilot, not to the manuals, but to the pilot.

In order to achieve the most-realism possible, you need to have the knowledge of the real pilot, and Ramzzess is currently progressing to get his ATPL license in a few months. After that, he will be able to use real-world data in the flight simulation.

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FlightFactor has also recently hinted via their Twitter page that the new aircraft they are working on might be the Sukhoi SSJ100 since an Sukhoi Aircraft Engineer joined the FlightFactor team just recently.

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