13.3.2021 – 15:56z

FlightFactor Further Previews 777 Cabin Seats (XP11)

FlightFactor has today, after almost a month after the previous previews were shared, taken to their Twitter account to share a new set of previews further showcasing the cabin seats inspired by the ones that are currently being used in a Boeing 777-300ER operated by Emirates.

The seats that are showcased in the previews are inspired by the ones used by Emirates in first class. Although it was not directly confirmed by the developer, it is probable, that the seats will be featured in the upcoming versions of the FlightFactor’s rendition of the Boeing 777 aircraft.

All three previews shared by the developer can be seen below and can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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A big skepticism is present in the community around the performance of the aircraft with such detailed seating present in the cabin. FlightFactor responded, and reassured the community, that such feature will not significantly decrease FPS for the users.

The developer has confirmed in the past, that a major update for the 777, by the community known as 777 v2, is coming and is planned, however, did not provide any timeframe. The update will be paid, and a discount will be available for existing owners of the 777 “v1”.

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