FlightFactor Releases A320 V1.2.0 and V1.2.1

Renown addon developer FlightFactor have recently announced via their Discord server, the release of V1.2.0 and V1.2.1 of their A320 Ultimate addon. The two updates bring about a vast range of improvements, and fixes.

Notable improvements include the addition of the HOLD function in the MCDU, being able to hold at waypoints and fixes, as well as allowing to choose between between database configured holds, and computed configured holds, just like the real aircraft. Speed management has also been implemented for holds, in the form of speed management when exiting and entering holds.

Other improvements include flight control tuning, completion of alternate pages, and more. Twelve fixes are also included in the updates offering fixes for various MCDU bugs.

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The updates can be downloaded for existing A320 ultimate users via FlightFactor’s X-Updater. FlightFactor’s A320 ultimate can be purchased on the X-Plane.org store for approximately €77.59 here.

V1.2.0 Features


  • HOLDs function: hold configuration from database, computed and manual entering
  • HOLDs function: exiting hold
  • HOLDs speed management: deceleration point, automatic deceleration for entering hold and acceleration after exit
  • flight controls tuning (takeoff, landing and inflight direct mode)
  • ALTERNATE PAGES completed
  • INIT B page (and FUEL PRED): ALT/TIME value computes for selected ALT airport
  • INIT B page (and FUEL PRED): New s-pad messages were added
  • Stored waypoints limitation has increased to 40


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  • INIT A – ground temperature isn’t selectable. There wasn’t a possibility to enter ground temperature manually. Automatic ground calculation according to airport height.
  • PROG page Required accuracy had no posibilitty to be entered manually
  • INIT B page (and FUEL PRED): the MIN DEST FOB cannot be erased or changed
  • INIT B page (and FUEL PRED): the ALTN-Fuel stays empty and isn’t being calculated by the MCDU. Also cannot be entered or erased manually
  • INIT B page (and FUEL PRED): EXTRA-fuel value isn’t correct computed
  • Airways page is scrollable. Insert and erase buttons don’t appear at last line
  • SEC doesnt not take pitch control when ELAC is not engaged
  • returned X-RAAS win.xpl

New functionality known issues:

  • hold at PPOS not implemented
  • resume hold not allowed
  • beta 1_2_0 not compatible with saved user states from previous versions
  • holding patterns on high range PFD must be as an icon

V1.2.1 Features


  • now its possible to select alternate near then 40NM from destination
  • autopilot became crazy on high altitude
  • temporary flight plan output data fixes

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