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FlightFX Releases SF50 Vision Jet for MSFS

FlightFX’s second aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator landed a few days ago. The team’s Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet is now exclusively available through the in-game Marketplace for $24.99, following a slight delay that postponed the release by seven days.

The Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet is a single-engine jet capable of flying up to 1,200 nautical miles. FlightFX brought the improved G2 version, adding RVSM, allowing for a ceiling height of 31,000ft and improving the range. It is also fitted with an autothrottle and reviewed flight deck and upgrades to the cabin.

The team was super focused on small details to really capture the experience of flying the jet, said Nick from FlightFX. The addon allows you to experience the aircraft’s full beauty, offering a model tested by real-world Vision Jet pilots or a navigation suite based on the Working Title’s G3000.

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Furthermore, the aircraft sounds have been recorded from a real aircraft using professional recording equipment. Likewise, the addon can handle various procedures realistically and simulate lighting accurately.

The FlightFX’s Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet G2 features three different seating configurations that match its real-life counterpart, adjustable cabin lighting, or a Bose Active Noise Cancelation system.

Because the aircraft is very modular in terms of equipment and configuration, the FlightFX team had to implement some kind of EFB-like interface to allow the user to control all of these variables. Their Cirrus SF50 is equipped with V.A.M.S. (Virtual Aircraft Management System), which controls all aspects of the aircraft through one of the displays in the cockpit.

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