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FlightSim Studio AG Releases Status Report For E190/E195

FlightSim Studio AG took to its website to announce a status report for its E-Jets for December 2023. The report includes a lot about the E-Jets’ history, present and future. FlightSim Studio AG has also included much technical information in the report.

FlightSim Studio AG’s Original E-Jet Plan

FlightSim Studio AG is dedicated to producing quality sceneries and aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. They have four major aircraft projects: the Searey Elite, Tecnam P2006T and P2012 Traveller, and the E-Jets series. The company has spent almost 24 months on the development of the E-Jets series.

The jets were initially planned for a Christmas 2022 release, followed by a summer 2023 update and an initial price increase. A specially developed FMS including autopilot was to be released by Christmas 2023 accompanied by a final increase in price.

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What Went Wrong and The Future

For the first 6 months after the initial release of the E-170/175, the team was busy fixing bugs, while new features were rapidly added, and the team could not get to releasing the E190/195. During this period, their team grew and major changes had to be introduced which resulted in a delay in the timeline.

At the moment, the team is about to release the E190/195 and thus somewhere around 6 months behind the original timeline. The team has come up with a new and realistic timeline which includes a final release time of December 2024 for v1.0 tied with a hike in price. The team aims to release its first FMS beta by the summer of 2024.

FMS Development

The team is primarily focusing on developing the lateral and vertical navigation systems for the FMS. Alongside developing a solid FMS, the team also has to focus on developing a solid autopilot system that makes use of the FMS in navigating the aircraft. The team currently consists of one full-time dev for the FMS and one for the autopilot.

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The team has decided to start developing the systems outside of the simulator initially to smoothen and hasten the process, and later integrate the systems inside the simulator. The team has already developed a lot of systems for the aircraft, but they are aiming to come closer to completion before implementing and testing them inside the simulator.

E-190/195 Release and Availability

An early access to the E-Jets series is available on the Aerosoft website at $39.99. This package includes the E-170 and E-175, and the E-190/195 will be available soon as a separate package, but FlightSim Studio has not yet confirmed the release date. To read our “in-progress” review of the journey the FlightSim Studio E-Jets have taken so far, click here. FlightSim Studio, AG’s full post is available here.

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