6.12.2023 – 18:36z

Fly X Simulations Released Kuusamo Airport for MSFS

The new Fly X Simulations’ rendition of Kuusamo Airport (EFKS) for Microsoft Flight Simulator have just been published in the iniBuilds’ store.

Kuusamo Airport

Kuusamo Airport serves as a gateway to the natural attractions and resorts of northern Finland and Lapland. It is one of the most unique airports in Finland, as it offers flights to various destinations in Europe, especially during the winter season when the region attracts many tourists who want to experience the snow, the northern lights, and the reindeer. It is located 6 kilometres northeast of Kuusamo’s town centre and has a single runway that is 2,460 meters long and 60 meters wide. The airport has a terminal building that provides basic services such as restaurants and shops. The airport is operated by Finavia, the state-owned company that manages the civil airports in Finland.

Key Features

The add-on delivers a comprehensive array of features that elevate the realism and authenticity of virtual aviation experiences. It incorporates custom ground markings, depicting tarmac wear and tear, adding depth to the airport’s ambience. High-resolution PBR textures enrich every surface, ensuring a high level of visual fidelity. Accurate and detailed airport buildings, faithfully recreated, contribute to the authenticity of the environment. The airside terminal boasts a fully designed interior, accurately reflecting the bustling atmosphere of a real terminal.

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Where To Get It

You can experience the snowy ambience of Lapland, and if you are lucky enough even catch Santa Claus in one of his sorties, by buying this add-on in the iniBuild’s store for 10,49€. While you think about which presents you are going to ask Santa for, you can check our previously covered content by Fly X Simulations here.

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