17.12.2023 – 20:24z

FlyByWire A380 Showcased in New Screenshots

The long-awaited and long-under-development FlyByWire A380 broke cover again with new screenshots released by beta testers and later confirmed by FlyByWire’s own development team.

The FlyByWire A380 is perhaps MSFS’ most anticipated commercial aircraft release. New screenshots released in the official FlyByWire Discord demonstrated the progress made since the last press release back in July of 2023. The screenshots do not demonstrate or showcase any specific updates; however, they still provide insight into the ongoing development of this project.

Much of the progress since the previous press release appears to be in aircraft wear and tear. Taking a closer look at the screenshot of the underbelly shows some excellent wear modeling. Additionally, below, we can see some work has gone into the modeling of the FMC, which has been a significant point of development since day one. Again, more wear and tear is modeled with finger smudges and dirt accurately coating the panel surface.

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Without much further context, we still have no updated information on the release date or even the expected release window. Stay tuned as we gather more information on this project, which is undoubtedly approaching release in the next few months.

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