FlyByWire Retires Experimental Branch Of A32NX After Over 2 Years

The FlyByWire team has announced through their social media channels that they will be retiring the experimental version of their A32NX for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This soon after the announcement proved to actually be the case as the experimental branch was discontinued.

The A32NX experimental branch was first introduced in 2021. The development and experimental branches may have appeared very similar at first, but they were very different. While the development branch included features that would soon be added to the stable branch, the experimental branch was updated every time the GitHub project was updated, which was about every 12 hours at the time.


This decision comes as many of the major components that comprise the A32NXs experimental branch are nearing completion in terms of development and testing. FlyByWire has promised that new features will be added to the development version as they are developed by the team. In other words, development does not stop here.

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FlyByWire was one of the first freeware studios to create an A320-related Microsoft Flight Simulator addon. Their modification based on the default Airbus A320neo has been a very successful alternative within the community since the very early stages. The A32NX, as they call it, is regularly updated by their large team supporting this open-source project, while they are also working on bringing a freeware A380, dubbed the A380X, to MSFS.

Recently, they released their stable version 0.10.1, which includes a comprehensive list of changes. These modifications include an updated fuel system (including cross feed and centre tank transfer), improved ILS selection, VOR/LS rose conditions and ILS course. These minor fixes add to the previous 0.10 release, which improved the FMS, MCDU, and ATSU, resulting in a better pilot experience.

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