FlyJSim today announced a lot of interesting informations about their projects, including Q4XP, Shared Flight, 727 and 737-200.

Shared Flight

Shared Flight is a multi-crew plugin, that means you could fly with your friend in a shared cockpit or as an passenger in the aircraft flown by somebody else.

FlyJSim 2019 Update 2 - FlyJSim, X-Plane

FlyJSim answered a few interesting questions. Probably most discussed thing is the price of the plugin since FlyJSim told us that the plugin will be based on subscription. Today, we got to know, that Shared Flight will be both economical, and a significant resource to your current flight-simulation demands.

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Very interesting is a thing which SmartCopilot and many other multiplayer or shared cockpit plugins has problems, and that is terrain synchronization. This is quite a big problem since when your friend has a custom scenery and you don’t there might be differences between terrain and buildings. For example, your friend can see a mountain in front of you and you will not. You can imagine what happens next 🙂

FlyJSim promises compatibility with most aircraft, but since all the configs are going to be saved on Shared Flight dedicated server, the community will not be able to create their own configuration files, but we know now for sure, that the most wanted aircraft (Zibo 737-800) and of course FlyJSim products will be part of the initial support line-up.

Boeing 727 and 737-2O0

There are few very interesting things coming to both 727 and 737-200. Probably the most interesting one is the Librain coming to both aircrafts mentioned. For those who do not know about Librain, it is a rain and ice effect library for X-Plane 11.

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FlyJSim 2019 Update 2 - FlyJSim, X-Plane

Also an interesting one is the Avitab coming to both aircrafts. Avitab is a tablet in the aircraft which really help the pilot with charts, airport information and much more.

FlyJSim 2019 Update 2 - FlyJSim, X-Plane


FlyJSim recently announced, that the exterior work is finished and they are now fully concentrated on cockpit and cabin design. They also shared the liveries which will be coming with the plane.

Thank you for reading this article, if you want, you can read the full article from FlyJSim here.

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