FlyJSim Announces Updates, Previews Q4XP, Answers Community Questions

FlyJSim has today taken to their website to post a rather extensive development update addressing the upcoming updates for both the Boeing 727 and 737-200 renditions, to preview the highly-anticipated Q4XP project, and to answer frequently asked questions from the community.


As this is a topic many people are curious about, it was said by the developers at FlyJSim in the post, that the aircraft modelling is complete, and texturing is about 99.9% complete, resulting in only some final touches to be done.

Additionally, what seems to be a very nice detail enhancing the experience the simmer will get while flying the aircraft, an interactive cabin will be present in the addon.

This means, that the user will be able to control the environment within the cabin, including the lighting, cabin temperature, and cabin pressure, through the Master Display Panel (MPD). The developers say that this will be the most interactive and complete cabin they ever made.

As always, you can expect exceptional night lighting in the cockpit and the cabin! This includes working sidewall lights (which flicker with a characteristic filament bulb), overhead lights, entry/galley, toilet and stair lights.

FlyJSim – Development Update 6

As the Dash-8 Q400 does not have an autothrottle system, the developers found it important to address the power management system they have been working on. As this is a very complex thing to explain, we’ll try to make it short by quoting the developer saying:

The Q400 does not have an autothrottle however, for those of you worried about that, don’t. We have properly simulated the FADEC flight ratings so all you need is set your throttle into the rating detent, and your good to go.

FlyJSim – Development Update 6


At the end of the post, FlyJSim has answered some of the frequently asked questions. In this section, it was made clear, that the developers are not looking into converting, or working on, addons for the Microsoft Flight Simulator, however, they recommend the community to support Majestic in bringing their simulation to the new platform.

Additionally, it was said, that Q4XP will probably be their last X-Plane 11 product to be released. On a better side of things, it was said, that a lot of components on the aircraft are already done and the remaining are being “tied together” as we speak. No release dates were revealed just yet.

727/732 Update

Based on the development update, patches for the Boeing 727 and 737-200 renditions are currently being tested. Once released, the patches will significantly improve multi-crew flying with the addons. There were no specific release dates revealed.

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