13.12.2021 – 21:38z

FlyJSim Introduces VR Support for Q4XP

After years of development and a very successful launch, FlyJSim has issued a major update for their Q4XP addon. Although the Q4XP already received a number of small patches since the release, this is the first bigger update.

Foremost, the update comes with the initial support of virtual reality headsets and significant performance improvements. This was achieved by lowering the number of polygons on various cockpit manipulators. It was also necessary for the simulator to run smoothly on much more demanding virtual reality setups.

Although the developers have stated, that the FPS improvements after this update may vary based on the individual setups, the feedback from the community on the update is very positive.

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The update also comes with multiple minor fixes. The complete changelog can be found below.

FlyJSim has also, in reaction to the community feedback, today released an amendment patch to fix, as Jackal wrote: “a few items that came up“. Perhaps, after the major update release. As part of that update, the biggest improvement would probably be improved cabin door behavior and fixed MDA and DH click spots.

You can download and install the update through the Skunkcrafts Updater. Reactivation is required. The aircraft can be purchased exclusively through the X-Plane.org Store for $79.95, or about €70.

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  • Cockpit manipulators replaced with low poly count click spots as well as command driven manipulators.
  • These new manipulators improve performance in and out of VR as well as facilitating those who need commands driving hardware such as cockpit builders.
  • Larger click spots makes many switches and knobs easier to select.- Performance increases will vary by user, more improvements will come next year.


  • Initial support for VR comes with the new manipulators was well as much improved performance.


  • Fix crash when inserting index 0 on VTO page.
  • Fix WPT ALERT not computed when Track-to-Fix termination conditions aren’t met.
  • Fix hold legs not getting pre-computed when WPT ALERT isn’t triggered.
  • Fix DF leg computation when the target location is within turn radius (RTT 3J departure LOWI).
  • Fix waypoint ETA clipping on MFD map.


  • No more shiny control seals.


  • New Option added to give you different options for throttle and prop handle manipulators.

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