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Eagerly Awaited FlyJSim’s 727 X-Plane 12 Update Draws Near

Jack Skieczius, the lead developer at FlyJSim, has excitedly shared through FlyJSim’s Discord channel that the update which will introduce the 727 Series to X-Plane 12 is now on its final approach. Jack also revealed that the long-awaited Version 4 update of the add-on is already in progress, promising more enhancements in the future.

Update Highlights

The FlyJSim 727 Series is a highly detailed and immersive aircraft simulation add-on for X-Plane. This series brings the iconic Boeing 727 trijet to life with meticulous attention to detail, accurate systems simulation, and a focus on capturing the essence of classic aviation. However, the joy of this cherished add-on has been inaccessible to many enthusiasts who transitioned to the new-generation X-Plane 12. Anticipating this, an upcoming compatibility update is underway featuring a specially optimized flight model, lighting, and aircraft systems fitted for X-Plane 12. Jack highlighted that this update is focused on delivering essential improvements to the 727 experience, avoiding unnecessary fuss.

Beta Testing Period

The announcement detailed a beta testing phase, allowing individuals with valid keys the chance to participate and be involved with the development of the product. While the starting date for this beta testing period has not been specified, the optimistic tone in Jack’s words suggests that it won’t be long before it kicks off. As he stated: “It’s on the runway.”

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Users First

The most heartening news accompanying this announcement is the confirmation that the X-Plane 12 update will be available free of charge to all existing users. This means that anyone who invests in the 727 Series today, purchasable here, will be able to transition to the X-Plane 12 version without any additional cost in the future.

The Boeing 727

The Boeing 727 is a historic and groundbreaking commercial jetliner that played a main role in shaping the aviation industry. Introduced in the early 1960s, the 727 stood out as an exciting and innovative aircraft due to its advanced technology, distinctive trijet configuration, and impressive performance capabilities. Its combination of efficiency, performance, and range made it a favorite among airlines, enabling them to introduce new routes and expand their services. While the production of the 727 ceased in 1984, its legacy lives on. Many aircraft were converted for cargo use, extending their operational lifespan. The 727’s influence on subsequent aircraft designs can be seen in concepts like improved aerodynamics, more efficient engines, and adaptable configurations.

Pending Launch

Although a specific release date remains undisclosed, it is expected to come soon after the beta testing period is finished. Meanwhile, you can read here about the earlier Version 3 update of this much-loved aircraft, which featured the newer version of the SASL plugin for X-Plane and fixed some bugs.

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