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Flysimware Releases Early Access For The Learjet 35 For MSFS

The famous developer Flysimware has gifted the community on the first day of Christmas by releasing early access for their new add-on, the Learjet 35, for the Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developer has been releasing add-ons since 2008, specializing in tools, trains, helicopters, and vintage aircraft.

The Learjet 35 was introduced in 1973 and was developed from the Learjet 25, which was introduced seven years earlier. Two Garrett TFE731-2 engines power the aircraft, allowing it to cruise at altitudes up to 45,000 feet. One of the most unique elements of this aircraft is the dual tanks located at the aircraft’s wings.

The early access release of the add-on signifies a work in progress, with specific features like user manuals or tutorials still under development. The early access version has undergone rigorous testing for six weeks by two certified Learjet 35 pilots and a former Learjet 35 instructor, ensuring the highest quality of the add-on.

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The developer created three variations of navigation to choose from: a Custom GNS 530 GPS and the integration with GTN 750 GPS from either PMS50 or TDS. The early access version comes with nine aircraft liveries registered in Canada and the United States.

The feature list is yet to be published with the full-release version. However, Flysimware has recently posted a preview on their YouTube channel, where we can see some of the add-on’s features such as engine, pitot, and front windshield covers. Animated main door, cockpit door, and cabin lighting will be accessible via the EFB tablet. In this tablet, we will also find options to turn visible passengers, window shades, and tables on and off. The EFB will feature a weight and balance page beside the animation menu.

You can buy an Early Access version of Flysimware Learjet 35 on the Flysimware store for USD 39.99. To learn more about this developer’s history of excellence, take a look at our Top 5 GA Aircraft, where Flysimware’s Cessna 414AW Chancellor tops the list.

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