FLYXSIM Doncaster Sheffield Airport Announced

Joe, FLYXSIM, also known as FLY X SIMULATIONS, CEO today posted an article regarding the new scenery he is working on. Doncaster Sheffield Airport is an international airport in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Usually, developers don’t share any info about the pricing, features or release date the same day as they announce the scenery, but FLYXSIM did.

The scenery will feature 3D grass, detailed terminal interior or PBR textures for example. In terms of the pricing, the scenery will cost $17,99 and will be available in the coming weeks on the .org store.

FLYXSIM included seven screenshots of the scenery which can be seen below.


  • Ultra high-resolution PBR textures for all buildings and ground textures.
  • Highly detailed Terminal Interior.
  • Highly detailed, 3D Custom buildings.
  • 3D grass.

Stay tuned on FSNews for future updates 🙂

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