Freeware Toolbar Pushback for MSFS Released

While we usually do not cover freeware news, we made an exception on this one as we believe this addon can be very useful for flight simmers using Microsoft Flight Simulator. A new developer, known as AmbitiousPilots, has about a week ago released a new freeware utility that gives the user a full control over the pushback tug in the simulator.

Released as “Toolbar Pushback”, the addon makes it possible to control the tug direction using rudder pedals, joystick, keyboard, or mouse. Additionally, the tug speed can be steplessly adjusted to the user’s liking.

A six previews showcasing the addon’s user interface can be seen below in a gallery. The addon is compatible with all types of aircraft in the simulator, from small general aviation aircraft to big jets.

The addon can be downloaded through website for free.

If you find the addon useful and would like to see new features implemented, the developer has a Google Form that can be submitted with your feature requests.

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