31.8.2023 – 17:15z

FS Academy Commander Sweeps In With Challenging Flying Scenarios for MSFS

In a recent announcement for the FS Academy Commander product for MSFS, we are given another collection of missions to challenge the best of our flying skills. We also learn what real pilots do in the exact scenarios. This edge-of-your-seat group of challenges comes on the heels of other great products from FS Academy for MSFS:

  • FS Academy: Navigator
  • FS Academy: VFR
  • FS Academy IFR
  • FS Academy Voyager
  • FS Academy Jetliner

With FS Academy Commander, it answers the question all of us sim flyers want to know: What could possibly go wrong in the world of flight? As many pilots know, training for in-flight malfunctions or emergencies is something a student pilot learns in every flight. Pilots are prepared for anything and will methodically use their checklists and calm demeaner to handle every one of them. But could you, the simulator pilot, do the same? Written by a real airline Captain, as with all the FS Academy series, it gives you real-world insight from an experienced pilot with an eye to the new sim pilot. Most of us don’t have the benefit of ground school lessons and in-flight demonstrations. This product should help with that and be exciting at the same time. The author of these products has stated before that it should be fun, challenging, and satisfying to conduct these real-world edge-of-your-seat scenarios, all from the safety of your home flight simulator.

Keep your cool in the face of adversity. FS Academy: Commander will arm you with the framework to deal with anything fate throws your way, made by a real airline Captain.

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Quote from: https://www.fsacademy.co.uk/commander website.

This is a test and a learning experience you will want to experience. FS Academy is known for making great follow-along missions while you fly various simulator planes along the way. FS Academy Commander won’t disappoint you with the high quality of missions we have grown to expect in Microsoft Flight Simulator. You will hear a voice instructor, just like in real life, giving you navigation hints and procedures for emergencies along the way while you fly in MSFS. Here is a list of activities to challenge the simulation flyer of any degree of experience:

  • White Knuckle: (engine failure in flight)
  • SubZero
  • Backout
  • Spanner in the Works: (landing gear malfunction)
  • Lost in the Fog
  • Flying by Numbers
  • Driftdown
  • Tempest: (thunderstorms)
  • Brimstone: (volcanic ash)
  • Miracle (authentic recreation of US Airways Flight 1549)
  • Windshear
  • High Roller (random scenario each time)

These products from FS Academy excel in giving us insight into real flying emergencies and teaching us to manage them from a real pilot perspective. They will present us with a variety of aircraft, from the Cessna 152 all the way up to the heavies. We get to use real-world procedures and techniques to manage a wide range of scenarios that push us to the limit.

The accompanying ground school manual is full of helpful information, as they have done in the past. It will be available once the product is released, but if their past ground school manuals are the standard, this will be a valuable tool to help us along the way. They have contained general ground school topics such as instruments and familiarization with airplane physics and highlights. They also focus on the missions at hand with full-colour pictures and clear explanations.

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The announcement page tell us, “It’s time to level up and step into the shoes of the Commander. Feel the weight of responsibility from the four stripes on each shoulder.” This is your moment. This is COMMANDER! Coming soon the MSFS Marketplace and through a number of well-known partners such as, Orbx, Aerosoft, Simmarket, Flightsim.com, and Just Flight. You can watch the YouTube trailer here.

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