FS2CREW released a weekend update

FS2CREW yesterday released a statement via their Facebook page. FS2CREW in the post announced new products coming this year (2020). They also mentioned, that they working on compatibility with QualityWings 787 and Aerosoft CRJ. The development is in the early stages.

The second thing they were talking about is the release of update for the PMDG 737NGXu to version 1.2 and for the Aerosoft Airbus Pro to version 3.6.

PMDG NGXu v1.2 Changelog:

  • Flaps speed commands fixed.
  • Autobrake position now reads correctly in the checklists (but you must have the latest version of PMDG aircraft).
  • Military / Freight option fixed regarding FA callouts.
  • Landing elevation pressurization policy if landing elevation above 6000 feet.

and some new functions have been added:

  • On the Pre-Flights page in the Secondary Panel, you can now Increase the initial pre-flight start time by right-clicking the LSK beside the time value prior to activating the Pre-Flight events.

And the update for Aerosoft Airbus Pro fixed some bugs and touch up for the new A330 models.

If you want to have the latest version, log in to your FS2Crew account and click “Completed Orders” and then re-download and re-install the products.

And a special discount for people who want to get FS2crew products with a 30% discount. Just enter the coupon code “SPRING2020” on the FS2Crew shop.