8.11.2023 – 17:27z

FS2Crew Releases Animated First Officer For Fenix A320

Developer FS2Crew took to the Microsoft Flight Simulator forum to announce the release of their Animated First Officer Add-On for Fenix A320, which is an upgrade package to the previous FS2Crew Fenix Add-on.

FS2Crew is a series of add-ons created to provide a more realistic flying experience. The main focus of the add-on is to simulate flying with the first officer, and it is capable of recognizing voice commands and performing checklists and procedures. This simulation replicates an experience of having a copilot, enabling users to actively engage in checklist completion and control manipulation, thereby heightening the overall realism of the flight.

The new add-on comes to provide users with a better experience while using FS2Crew by adding a fully animated first officer to the aircraft. This is solely a visual modification to the base package, offering six different skins that include various options for gender and ethnicity.

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FS2Crew Animated First Officer is available for purchase on FS2Crew’s website for EUR 19.99. Make sure to check out our articles covering other FS2Crew’s add-on releases.

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