FS2Crew: Ultimate Ground Crew X Review

FS2Crew is a well known developer and we can that they are doing great job for the flight sim community. FS2Crew is making high quality crew add-ons, but today we are here to do a review of their new project: Ultimate Ground Crew X. We would like to say thank you to FS2Crew for making this possible.

There always was the one and only decent ground crew add-on for FSX/P3D platform. FSDreamTeam’s GSX. This information is no longer valid because FS2Crew is here with a brand new ground crew add-on called Ultimate Ground Crew X.

I have been using Ultimate Ground Crew X for a while now and I have to say that I’m really impressed. There are several features that GSX doesn’t have for example towing, fire trucks or great voice control which allows you to communicate with ground crew using your own voice. You can even switch between different languages.

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FS2Crew: Ultimate Ground Crew X Review - FS2Crew, Prepar3D, Review

Ultimate Ground Crew X works at every airport. There is a scanning program which starts automatically every time you launch the sim with a new scenery in it. You may argue that it will take ages to load the sim every time you install a new scenery with this scanning feature. You don’t have to worry. It only takes few seconds to scan the airports. You can always cancel the airport scanning and leave it for the next sim launch.

Ultimate Ground Crew X is fully compatible with GSX, so if you already own GSX, you can continue using it’s catering trucks and animated passengers alongside Ultimate Ground Crew X.

I have to say I’m having great time with this product. The only thing which is a bit worrying is the price. It just looks small bit overpriced for EUR 39.95, but once you have it, you will definitely enjoy it!

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You can buy Ultimate Ground Crew X on FS2Crew official website.

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