FSDG Releases Nairobi for Prepar3D

FSDG has released their rendition of Nairobi international airport (HKJK), Kenya. It is the biggest and busiest airport in that country, serving over 7 million passengers a year, together with variety of destinations and airlines.

The information about the release was shared through their Facebook page and the scenery itself is available through the FSDG store for €11.90. The developer described this as their best LITE airport made so far. Overall, the features of this scenery are for example realistic shadow and light rendition, optional SODE/GSX compatible jetways, great performance or add-on compatibilities like UTX, GSX, FS Global Ultimate and the FTX series, best visuals gotten with the OpenLC Africa.


  • Accurate rendition of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (HKJK)
  • Realistic shadow and light rendition
  • Optimized for great performance and compatibility
  • Optional SODE/GSX compatible jetways
  • Compatible with all known add-ons including GSX, UTX, FS Global and the ftx series (best visuals in combination with ftx openLC Africa)
  • Manual included

Author: Patrik

My aviation enthusiasm started back in March 2016 and since then I fly almost every day when I have time. I always like to discover new places or new things. The vehicles or any kind of technical things always fascinated me. As I was younger, I was also a journalist in a school magazine, so when I got an opportunity to write articles about my favorite hobby, I immediately jumped in.