FSDreamTeam releases Chicago O’Hare for MSFS

FSDreamTeam is one of the high quality scenery developers that have been in the sector for a long time. The team started working on sceneries back when FS9 was a thing, more than 15 years ago. Their area of focus is primarily the United States. That does not mean that they shy away for an airport across the pond.

FSDT has also announced they would make the move to Microsoft Flight Simulator. They have previously shared previews and a trailer of not only Chicago (KORD), but also Basel (LSFB). O’Hare is the first airport of these to release.

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Chicago O’Hare is one of two main airports serving the city of Chicago, Illinois. With its seven runways and 5 terminals, it’s the third busiest airport of the United States, after Atlanta and LAX. The airport is a major hub for American and United Airlines, and both have many intercontinental, international, national and regional routes serving the airport. But that’s not all as almost 30 major cargo airlines serve the airport on a regular basis too.

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Feature list

  • Highly detailed 3D buildings
  • Latest generation graphic, using only PBR materials
  • Full Dynamic Lighting
  • Custom Animated Jetways, with Dynamic and animated Light effects
  • Accurate custom Taxiway signs and Ground markings
  • Terminal C completely modeled with interior and LOD optimizations
  • Other interiors simulated with the MSFS exclusive and fps-friendly Parallax Window mapping

If you’re interested in buying this airport, you can do it at the FSDreamTeam store for 16.83€. Existing users of the Prepar3D variant of the scenery are eligible for a 30% discount.

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