FSE, also known as FSEnhancer, is a developer known for the development of FSEnahncer add-on to X-Plane 11 which reworks the environment, has shared a development update together with changelog to a new version of the FSE.

This development update has been shared via their Facebook page and talks about the future of their add-ons. The developer shared some preview screenshots of the C172SP v2 PBR cockpit, that will be available later announced that the FSE v0.6.5 is on its way and should be released soon. The developer says that they reworked the dataref enhanced HDR palette and the Reshade will no longer be needed for vibrance and contrast. They also reworked the clouds system, rewrote the atmosphere scattering. The new rendition of FSE will be based on real photographs from reality and satellite imagery. Also, performance and stability have been improved. The developer also shared a roadmap before the release, the developer will introduce the towering Cumulus formations, add new kinds of forming clouds, rework the cloud textures, rebuild the cirrus cloud textures and will build new sun textures as well. The light textures are awaiting the update too. Further information can be found in the changelog below.


– DataRef Enhanced HDR color palette. ReShade is no longer needed for contrast and vibrance.

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– Reworked in-clouds system

– Rewritten Atmosphere scattering system. The new rendition is based on real aerial photographs and satellite imagery

– Reworked clouds shadows

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– Improved performance and overall stability

– Improved V11.40+ and 11.50 compatibility

– TrueShade discontinued

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– TrueWaves discontinued

– Brand new PBR Cockpit for Default Cessna C172SP introduced (It will feature the real-life grey-ish panel)


– Introduce Towering Cumulus formations

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– Introduce new kinds of cumuliform clouds and different clouds shapes into the current environment

– Rework broken clouds textures

– Build totally new cirrus clouds textures

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– Build long distance and horizon clouds textures

– Build new sun textures

– Improve Night Environment (new photorealistic light textures).

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The source of this article can be found on FSE Facebook page here.

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