FSEnhancer BETA v0.6.4 Released

FSEnhancer, a developer behind the so-called plugin, recently shared few previews of the new v0.6, you can read an article about it here. Today, the v0.6.4 BETA got released and is now available to download. If you’re scared about the FPS, the developer stated, that the maximum FPS impact should be 15FPS, which is not great, but remember that it’s still a beta and that it’s the maximum value.

You can download the newest version via Google Drive.


Source: FSEnhancer

  • Take note it’s a beta. Expect glitches, clouds flickering, stutters and lags, bad visuals in some situations. This package is meant for developers and advanced users.
  • Take note some features are unfinished, some are missing. Here a brief list: – Skycolors – UNFINISHED (Tweaks needed for Ocast, Sockd, HiAlt) – Broken Clouds – UNFINISHED (may look ugly from above in some situations) – Scattered Clouds – UNFINISHED – Cirrus Clouds – MISSING – Sun Textures – MISSING (default XPlane sun will be rendered instead) – TrueWaves – MISSING (default XPlane water will be rendered instead)
  • Take note this mod is VR Untested; it may work well, but don’t expect any full compatibility with VR.
  • Check your other LUA scripts. Any script using one or more of the datarefs used in TrueHaze.lua and TrueShade.lua will not be compatible.
  • XVISION COMPATIBILITY. FSE v0.6.3 is theoretically compatible with XVision. Vivid preset will make the clouds look dark gray though.
  • This Plug-In features a 3rd party script (X-Visibility.lua v1.0.3) by ChinNoobonic & SNowblind7

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