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FSLabs Confirms NEO and Gives Development Update

After some speculations, FSLabs’ Andrew Wilson has confirmed in a post on their forums that the developers are currently working on a NEO version of one of their aircraft.

It all started with a picture of a CFM LEAP engine posted as the cover on their Facebook page. Andrew Wilson has also said that the team is actually working on this project for some time.

FSLabs Confirms NEO and Gives Development Update - Prepar3D, Flight Sim Labs

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Along with that NEO teaser, the team at FSLabs gave a development update about all their add-ons.

Concerning the A320-X Series, they are working on implementing new features within the FMGS. Such as a new infrastructure that includes lateral offsets. They are now reworking the logic around holds. In their next update, any customer who owns one of their SL titles will also be able to use the EFB in any of their A320-X Series aircraft.

About their rendition of the Concorde, Lefteris stated that excellent progress is being made. They will soon start to show previews. It is full of features, details and immersions, according to him.

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Regarding the A3XX Series, we should expect an announcement this year. They are starting to allocate resources to this project. We don’t know yet what it will be. Many users think that it will be an A340. The data for the A350 is still hard to get and there is already an A330 on the Prepar3D market in the form of the Aerosoft A330.

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