FSLabs Updates A320 Family for P3D

Flight Sim Labs, a well-known aircraft developer responsible for the widely-used A320 family add-on, has released compatibility and a bug fix update for this rendition. The information has been shared through their forums.

This update, named, has brought compatibility with Prepar3D 5.2, and some bug fixes such as stability fixes to the EFB, cosmetic fixes and some base code logic improvements.

The spotlights add-on has been updated as well and is required to be updated in the case of using the newest version of the aircraft. This update has brought the Prepar3D 5.2 compatibility, as the aircraft did.

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– Prepar3D v5.2 compatibility
– Base code support logic improvements
– Compatibility with Hardware Interface v123+

    Added logic for PA Xmit button double-click functionality

External model / Virtual cockpit
    – Various cosmetic fixes

Performance Model
    – Fix for DC ESS FAULT flaps / slats recognition
    – Fix for B+Y HYD RSVR LEAK flaps / slats position recognition


    – Anti-droop logic improvements

Electronic Flight Bag
    – MAP stability fixes
    – MAP Rendering optimizations
    – Drag/scrolling functionality fixed

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