FSLabs Updates A320-X to v5.0.01.100 for Prepar3D v4 and v5

FSLabs has released their long-awaited update for their Airbus A320 to be compatible with Prepar3D v5. However, this is not the only thing that this update provides us with.

This update is also available for v4 version of this aircraft and it contains new PBR textures, significant improvements in performance, each passenger window is now modelled individually in detail, which enables stunning PBR reflections when flying, there is also animated window blind, which adjusts automatically throughout the flight.

Together with this update, you’ll have to update your liveries as well, as some changes to the aircraft paint kit has been done. (PBR)

If you own the A319-X and A321-X, there is an update for those as well ( for P3D v4, which share some of the internal workings and code with A320-X. Keep in mind that these are only compatibility updates only, full updates to these products will follow in the coming weeks for v5.

Also, keep in mind that you’ll need to have Prepar3D v5 HF2 for Airbus A320 to be working.


    Fix for IR initialization OnAPU and OnEngRun panel states

    PERF page wind retrieval logic improvements
    TO PERF page now accepts double click for TOW/MACTOW
    Fix for payload distribution with low weights
    Fix for PDC acknowledge
    Various smaller fixes

    Fix for BRK RELEASED signal to indicate AUTO BRK loss

    Updates for cabin blinds

    Contrail tweaks

    Approach idle logic fixed

External Model
    All new PBR models with several improvements and fixes
    Cabin blinds logic added

    Single yaw damper failure (FAC) now affects LAND 3 FAIL OPERATIONAL (Y HYD LOSS)
    LOC Convergence logic added
    Runway length units option added
    Several logic fixes

FSL Configurator
    Now detects livery changes and suggests P3Dv5 restart (due to LM’s new aircraft list cache logic)

    Gear extension limits adjusted properly

    Sun elevation angle calculations improved
    Timezone logic updated

    Tuned external lights

    Updated startup radio frequencies
    Improvement on COM frequencies logic
    PTU sound fixes
    PTU sound updates for self test
    MECH horn now triggers EXT PWR and Chocks

Virtual Cockpit
    Improvement on RAT & EMER GEN labeling and button
    Cosmetic fixes
    DCDU now optional
    ACP/RMP fonts replaced

The source of this article can be found on FlightSimLabs forums.

Author: Patrik

My aviation enthusiasm started back in March 2016 and since then I fly almost every day when I have time. I always like to discover new places or new things. The vehicles or any kind of technical things always fascinated me. As I was younger, I was also a journalist in a school magazine, so when I got an opportunity to write articles about my favorite hobby, I immediately jumped in.

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