1.4.2020 – 18:40z

FSX3D Releases Aspres Sur Buech Airport for FSX and P3D

FSX3D, a french developer responsible for a sceneries for a rather small airports in France, has released their rendition of Aspres Sur Buech airport (LFNJ).

This airport covers the LFNJ airport with a surrounding area that has its own custom mesh, including the satelite ortho imagery. The airport serves many features like animated windsocks, 3D grass, HD Textures, seasonal variants or ambient sounds. The scenery is 3.6GB big and is available via Simmarket. The developer also shared a video showing off the scenery.

You can get this scenery via Simmarket for €20.00 here. (The price may be different by the country you live in, because of the taxes)

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