Gaya Simulations Releases Block Island State Airport for MSFS

Gaya Simulations have recently released a new scenery for the Microsoft Flight Simulator. First announced to be in development back in May earlier this year, the scenery was developed to the latest standards one would expect nowadays from a scenery.

The scenery offers, for example, custom made mesh with PBR textures for the best authenticity, animated cars with custom license plates for additional immersion, custom static aircraft, or accurate airport layout.

Additionally, it is important to mention, that the scenery does not cover only the airport itself, but a custom road system is present throughout the Block Island as well for the best immersion. The runway in the scenery features a correct slope to make it as real as it gets.

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Block Island State Airport (KBID) is a public airport located on Block Island in Rhode Island in the United States. It is mainly used throughout the season with scheduled services to and from New York and Westerley. The airport is nowadays mainly used by general aviation.

The scenery can be purchased through Gaya Simulations official partner, Orbx for about €13.92 with taxes excluded.

Feature list

  • Custom made and very authentic projected mesh (ground poly) with PBR textures (the right cracks, liquid asphalt, skid marks and much more!). Of course with the correct slope to make it challenging as real as it gets
  • Ultra high details render of KBID airport and it’s surrounding
  • Animated cars and flags
  • Custom made and accurately pained static aircrafts (include the New England Airline BN-2 Islander)
  • Custom made roads traffic (north American style ) for large area over the island.
  • Custom made and accurate taxi signs and runway/taxiway lamps
  • Very detailed terminal and parking areas (yeah, Bethany’s Airport Diner included 😃 )
  • Custom cars with Rhode Island plates (for full immersion…)
  • Populated with summer-style people for the right vacation mode
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