Gaya Simulations Releases Vienna 2.0 for MSFS

Gaya Simulations has recently taken to their Facebook page to announce the release of Vienna 2.0 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It is an upgrade of their previous Vienna Schwechat scenery, available for free to everyone who owns this scenery.

Gaya Simulations Vienna was one of the first payware airport scenery released for Microsoft Flight Simulator shortly after its release in 2020. This upgrade completely overhauls how the Vienna for Microsoft Flight Simulator looks.

The scenery has to offer brand new Gaya Simulations ground services models, more true-to-life jetways and overhauled object placement around the whole rendition. Furthermore, Gaya Simulations has removed static aircraft, making it easier to use on online networks. Speaking of aircraft, the AI AFCAD is also renowned.

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Overall, GayaSimulations has focused on improving the area, bringing it to a more true-to-life state. For every scenery developer, it is essential to constantly update their scenery. As with anything, things do change over time.


• New true-to-life jetway models for all terminals with all new billboards and advertising.

• New Gaya GSE: beautiful and fully custom Vienna-specific ground service equipment.

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• Overhauled object placement throughout the airport, improving visuals and accuracy.

• Fixed AI traffic (FSLTL).

• Fixed AFCAD for AI traffic.

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• Added Solar Farm south of RWY11/29

• Fixed taxiway lights, including the addition of orange and blue lights in the W area.

• Static AI removed.

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• Fixed TIN/Imagery bug from World Update 6.

• Added LODs to all objects.

• Fixed missing parking positions and improved spawn positions.

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• Optimized normal map sizes for Xbox compatibility.

• Fixed vegetation to fit new satellite imagery.

• Fixed some terraforming issues.

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• Many quality-of-life fixes, such as fence placement, jet blast fences, taxi signs, etc.

• Supporting an on-release community-made GSX profile

The scenery update is now available for free for all users of Gaya Simulations Vienna for Microsoft Flight Simulator. If you don’t own the scenery yet, you can get it 30% off for the initial 48 hours after Gaya Simulations released this scenery.

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Unfortunately, Gaya Simulations didn’t speak about the X-Plane or Prepar3D version of the scenery. Leaving those two older, but still widely used platforms behind. If you would like to learn more about Gaya Simulations, you can read our different article here.

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