18.12.2022 – 15:50z

Got Friends Wilga 35/80 for MSFS Released

Got Friends has released their long-awaited project, the PZL-104 Wilga. The plane also brings many surprises. They announced this on their official website a few days ago.

PZL-104 Wilga comes in two main interior varieties, namely the basic Wilga 35, and the modified Wilga 80. Cockpits are available in Polish or English. You can also choose a cockpit with modern avionics such as Garmin navigation systems, digital artificial horizon and even a digital clock.

Got Friends allows us to fly almost anywhere with the PZL-104, as it comes with as many as four exterior variations for different terrains around the world. The plane has both Bush and Tundra tire sizes as well as a floats option. This makes it practically universal.

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The plane also has a bunch of entertainment extras. For example, the interactive cargo that you can take out of the plane and simulate a picnic. Let’s not forget that you get free scenery hand-crafted by Emerald Scenery Design in collaboration with Got Friends. The small cozy airport is called Forwood Farm (ICAO: EGH2), a perfect place to relax after a flight.

We recommend watching the amazing PZL-104 trailer:

Got Friends is providing their PZL-104 Wilga 35/80 Series for an approximate price of €33.00. You can buy it directly from their site here.

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