GotFriends Releases New Payware Glider for MSFS

GotFriends have today released a new payware glider for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Whilst still keeping the freeware Discus 2C online, GotFriends have released its premium version, offering a bunch of new features glider pilots will have a blast making use of.

As the team explained, the new payware version is less of a new aircraft and more of a paid expansion for those glider pilots who want more customization, options, and realism.

The new premium version comes with an electric motor at the front of the fuselage with authentic control unit allowing the user to monitor and control the engine. This system (FES – Front Electric Sustainer) is perfect to gain additional lift in areas of low thermal activity.

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Further, GotFriends have included visual winch launching, allowing the pilot to actually see the winch rope and vehicle. Besides, for those up to the extra challenge, the premium version supports multiplayer aerial towing. Thus, allowing one pilot to tow the glider pilot to the skies.

There is also a number of optional customizations to the glider the user is able to pick. Whether it is canopy tint, display brightness, oxygen system, FLARM system, or wing wheels.

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GotFriend’s Discus 2C is also the first glider, in both variants, to simulate rain-induced drag and loss of lift, depending on the amount of rain you are gliding through. Apart from that, the team has however also completely reworded various animations, wingflex, sounds, and the FLARM detection system.

The GotFriends’ Discus 2C premium can be purchased through and soon also through the in-game Marketplace for $15. It is compatible with both PC and Xbox.

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