HiFi Releases Active Sky P3D Beta 4

HiFi Simtech developer responsible for widely used Active Sky weather engine has released another Beta version of their upcoming ASP3D product. This version provides us with many bug fixes, compatibility updates and some additions.

In this update, as noted we’ve got some compatibility updates for Prepar3D v5, so it should work when the new hotfix of P3D will be released. There’s also new Beta #4 survey, new handling, the new configurable hotkey for XGauge, new CANCEL button and handling, with an associated warning during ASP3D connector checking to avoid an endless loop if a user did not install or update ASP3D connector properly, etc. There are also many bug fixes to the XGauge, server logging, radar API range issues and the runway selection has been fixed as well. The full changelog is listed below. ASP3D is now available for free for all current users of “old” ASP4.


  • P3Dv5 Compatibility Updates
  • Added new configurable hotkey option and handling for new XGauge implementation (defaults to CTRL-SHIFT-F11)
  • Added new Beta #4 survey and handling
  • Added warning icon next to connection status (Waiting for simulator) when ASP3D Connector not detected after 3 minutes, with hoverable tooltip and clickable popup message explaining that the Add-on may not be enabled in P3D and providing instructions on how to enable it
  • Added detection and warning when PASTING password and leading or trailing whitespace is detected, so that user does not get unintended password errors when including blank spaces before or after a password
  • Added new CANCEL button and handling, with associated warning, during ASP3D Connector/Add-on checking to avoid an endless loop if user did not install or update to the proper ASP3D connector version
  • Fixed lingering voice folder / broken ATIS/flightwatch voice functionality due to installation content and path selection issue
  • Fixed XGauge resize/move issue
  • Fixed server logging issue that could cause logging to fail in some cases
  • Fixed radar/API range issues causing data issues at 80nm and during range changes
  • Fixed radar issue where a green arc could be drawn at edges
  • Fixed runway selection / runway in use functionality and changed data to internal scenery vs. Navigraph data (to ensure proper ATC and visual synchronization to runway data)
  • Fixed form dock status recall issue
  • Changed local stand-alone (non-networked) configuration to use exclusive data comms via ASP3D components vs. simconnect, in effort to improve synchronization with P3D connected status
  • Various XGauge adjustments including new use of radial data and echo shadow/attenuation simulation
  • Updated API Documentation regarding use of radial data mode with echo shadow/attenuation simulation
  • Updated README.rtf file to include new KNOWN ISSUE information that all ASP3D OPEN BETA participants should be aware of including potential stuck “Waiting for simulator” condition

The source of this article can be found on the Hifi simtech forums.

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