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HiFi Simulation Technologies September 2020 Development Update

HiFi Simulation Technologies, a well-established developer on the flight simulation scene, has today came to their forums to share a development update focusing on the future of their products in correspondence with the release of X-Plane 11.50, Prepar3D v5, and the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

HiFi Simulation Technologies is well aware of the recent lack in communication with the community. Like many others, they also need to deal with world-wide issues regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

It has been confirmed, that the team is looking at developing for the new platform in the future. Unfortunately, due to SDK possibilites, as of right now it is not possible to work with the default weather system in the simulator.

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The developers have however prepared foundation for future addons for the simulator.

We are anxiously awaiting more news and updates to the MSFS roadmap along with planned SDK improvements and will provide further updates when we can.


HiFi has been working on the well-wanted Active Sky P3D (ASP3D) addon and has confirmed today, that the addon will move to the release candidate stage very soon. The addon is currently in the extended open beta stage.

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If you want to participate in the open beta, you need to have an active license of ASP4. Participating in the open beta will grant you a free license of ASP3D when released.


With the release of X-Plane 11.50 a lot has changed. HiFi has already released an update for Active Sky XP to support the new simulator version. The developers are also looking forward improving everything from visuals to realism. Further, a preparations to bring the addon for the new X-Plane 11 weather visualization system has begun.

A final version of the addon is scheduled to be released around the middle of 2021, however, things might change in the meanwhile and the developer can’t guarantee this.

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