Highly Anticipated PMDG Flight Tablet Now Available

As PMDG’s Robert Randazzo mentioned in the previous development update, the team kept on their promises and the Universal Flight Tablet is now available for every user of PMDG 737 series for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Initially, the PMDG’s Universal Flight Tablet releases with a small suite of applications that are focused on EFB functions contained within the tablet environment.

This essentially means that the Flight Tablet is capable of importing flight plans from Simbrief, downloading weather for the flight plan route, displaying OFP and displaying real-time METAR information as well.

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Navigraph integration is also present, so everyone with a Navigraph subscription can display their charts on the Tablet, with georeferenced aircraft displayed.

Lastly, the Flight Tablet can calculate the aircraft’s performance for take-off, landing and diversion. The tablet imports data from flight plans or from the aircraft itself and can work with reduced runway length computations. There is also a graphic display showing displaced threshold data.

Robert Randazzo mentions in the Forum post that this is going to be an ever-evolving process. He said that in the near future, the Universal Flight Tablet will be able to manage all the PMDG options, functions and failures.

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To download the update containing the tablet, go to the PMDG Operations Center application, where it should be waiting to be downloaded already. If you don’t see the tablet in your aircraft, make sure to take a look at the aircraft settings page in the FMC, where you can turn it on.

PMDG is also right now working on a recreation of the famous long-haulier Boeing 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which you can read more about here.

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