Honeycomb Aeronautical Announces Throttle Pack for Airbus A319-A380

Honeycomb Aeronautical, after announcing the rudder pedals and previewing the throttle quadrant in April, has today announced a Throttle Pack for Airbus A319 up to Airbus A380. The Throttle Pack will be an extension for the Bravo Throttle Quadrant and should be easily replaceable.

The Throttle Pack will feature both two and four engine configuration with A/T disconnect as well as a speed brake and flap lever. The flap lever has a functional lock release function. The thrust reversers are also functional just like in the real Airbus Aircraft.

Pricing and release details have been included in the post. The extension will be released together with the Bravo Throttle Quadrant and will cost $69.99.

Author: George

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