28.9.2020 – 10:18z

Honeycomb Aeronautical Previews Charlie

Honeycomb Aeronautical, a well-known flight simulation hardware company, has today taken to their Facebook page to address the issues with the support team they are experiencing and to share a single screenshot of Charlie, the upcoming rudder pedals.

Honeycomb Aeronautical is aware of the support issues they are experiencing. There are over 1,500 service tickets currently in the system, and more are coming every day. The company is looking into this issue, but has explained, that a simple support company does not meet their criteria.

As a “small bandage”, a preview of Charlie has been included. The official reveal should happen in the next couple of weeks. No information was shared about the release date nor the pricing details.

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It is expected that Charlie will support all current flight simulators. Furthermore, it was confirmed in the comment section under the post, that the pedals themselves are made out of metal.

I am humbled by the support and understanding from the flight sim community and I fully understand the frustration of the people that have been impacted by our shortcomings. Trust me, we will make it right.

Nicki – Founder of Honeycomb Aeronautical

Source: Honeycomb Aeronautical Facebook

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