19.1.2024 – 08:16z

Horizon Simulations Boeing 787-9 Gets a New Update

The freeware Boeing 787-9 mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator from the talented team at Horizon Simulations just got updated to V1.0.2. This new update provides a small load of changes and improvements to the add-on, including some updates to its lighting, a new configuration for its ‘cold & dark’ state, and more.

What is new in the Boeing 787-9?

The latest update from Horizon Sim features reworked brake differential scale changes, V3 lighting from developer Kuro, a truer cold & dark setup, as in, all lights, switches, and displays turned off and down, and updated elevator elasticity values. The full changelog was posted on the official Discord server of Horizon Simulations.

A few more highlights from the announcement include the release of a cockpit texture improvement for the aircraft. Developed by “morerightrudder” Mike, this new add-on is fully compatible with the Horizon Simulations Boeing 787-9, even the Kuro 787-8, and the default Boeing 787-10 from Asobo that’s included in the Premium Deluxe edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator. On a related note, the Horizon team is also continuing its work on its rendition of the 787-10, which this cockpit texture improvement add-on will also support.

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About the texture pack from “morerightrudder”

As the name suggests, this particular upgrade add-on sports “meticulously crafted textures” for each variant of the jetliner in the sim. It’s available as an exclusive download via the Headwind Simulations Installer, while Horizon’s Boeing 787-9 remains available via flightsim.to. The mod was also very recently updated to reflect newer seat textures, lower pedestal textures, and screw textures. However, remember that acquiring this mod requires you first to have the Premium Deluxe edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Closing notes

Finally, the Horizon team provided more details on the previously announced CPDLC/ACARS update for the 787-9. Work is continuing on the project, though a solid release date is still not set. That said, the team has confirmed that it will be showing it off to the community “in the coming months” and the work being done will also be made available in those as mentioned earlier 787-10 release.

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