Hot Start Confirms Challenger 650 Release Date

In a post on the X-Pilot forums, Cameron from X-Aviation has on behalf of his and the team at Hot Start wished everyone Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. He then further revealed some very interesting news about their much-anticipated Challenger 650 rendition for X-Plane 11.
As well as the TMB 900 rendition, the Challenger 650 is going to be released under the Take Command! series which contains only high-fidelity aircraft addons. Cameron, with confidence, stated that the level of realism the addon will offer has never been seen before in a consumer based flight simulator.

The project is nearing completion, and the developers have already confirmed the expected release date. we can foresee the addon to be released at the X-Aviation store on January 7th, 2022.

Hot Start spent countless hours during the last three years working on the addon. It’s pretty clear from the previews, that the hard work was worth it.

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If you’re wondering why there are no wear and tear details, the developer’s have explained that to be because business jets in the real-world fly usually only around 200-300 hours every year.

Cameron further confirmed:

Carrying over the theme of simulating everything down to the finest detail, the night lighting is refined to an insane degree. We’ve simulated every lamp individually in the aircraft. Not just every light in the cockpit panels. Everything, including flood lights, exterior service lights, cabin lights

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Cameron – CEO of X-Aviation

Other companies tend to hide their study-level and high-fidelity systems behind the displays. Hot Start took a different approach and decided to add various instrument panels which will help the user understand how the aircraft reacts to certain actions. It can also serve as a proof that the systems are actually being simulated.

As far as we know, the price was confirmed by neither of the companies yet.

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