17.6.2023 – 09:48z

HPG Releases New SuperTanker B747 For MSFS

Following the advertisement of MSFS2024 and its activity-based theme, Hype Performance Group (HPG) have now announced the release of the first aerial firefighting vehicle for MSFS2020, the B747 SuperTanker.


HPG have previously released the H145 helicopter and other action pack extensions to their modules, and now adding to this list is their Boeing B747 SuperTanker. In the release of this module, HPG have said that the built-in mission system will allow you to fly the 747 yourself or fly the King Air 350i and guide AI SuperTankers to put out wildfires or clean up oil spills.


HPG have said that this 747 variant has been developed onto the default Asobo 747, therefore carrying many of the basic functionalities of the 747 as we have seen through the base simulator. However, the HPG team have added to it an advanced system to allow for operations and unique mission capabilities. The B747 now has a tanker system, and the King Air 350i has also received a smoke add-on.

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To allow for the genuine handling characteristics of this distinct B747 variant in the simulator, a functional CPS (Constant pressure System) agent drop system and updated dynamic weight with a realistic CG, have all been added. An agent release panel has also been added to the cockpit to easily and realistically control the agent drop. There is also an optional tanker monitoring panel is also featured when in the B747.

To add to the realism of flying this magnificent aircraft, a custom ground handling service has been included at airports, situating water and air truck as well as extra specialised ground personnel and charging hoses around the aircraft.

Visuals and Sound

The aircraft comes with the iconic Global SuperTanker and Evergreen livery in high fidelity, and special custom effects have been added to cater for the extra external values, water and retardant drops including smoke, fires and oil spills.

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New custom crew sounds have been added onto both the B747 and the King Air 350i, and custom environmental sounds for fires as well as ground handling vehicles have all also been included to add to the immersion.

Missions and Mission Editor

As is the process for accessing missions for the HPG H145, the custom HPG mission editor is used to format and play missions. This requires no external application, subsequently, everything you, the virtual pilot, will need can be accessed through MSFS. The HPG mission editor randomly generates wildfire missions for you to complete or oil spills across the world, or you can create your own custom missions through the same editor, with a user-friendly interface. Included with this is a live HPG map which shows locations of other live SuperTankers and H145 helicopters.

If you want further information about the Hype Performance Group’s work on the module, read our other article about the B747 SuperTanker for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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This module can be accessed through their website for a total of $19.99 (£15.62), and the HPG Operations Centre can be downloaded for free also through their website.

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