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HRSimyard Releases Elifriulia Tolmezzo Heliport for MSFS

Developer HRSimyard has released its rendition of the Elifriulia Heliport for MSFS. Elifriulia is a small heliport facility in the town of Tolmezzo, North-East Italy, whose location at the base of the Alps makes it a great spot for breathtaking flights along the mountains.

The heliport itself is owned by the Italian company Elifriulia, which specializes in various helicopter operations such as passenger transport, HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Services), firefighting, and even flight lessons at its main base in Ronchi dei Legionari.

HRSimyard’s rendition of this heliport features a highly detailed model of Elifriulia’s base of operations, a fully working animated windsock, a working day-night lighting cycle for the heliport and surrounding areas, support for all seasons, and more.

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Elifriulia Tolmezzo Heliport Full Feature List:

  • Highly detailed model of Elifriulia’s base of operations
  • Animated windsock that displays wind speed and wind direction
  • Full day-night lighting cycle of the heliport and its surroundings
  • Support for all seasons
  • Built with the latest MSFS SDK
  • Uses airport code “LIX1H” as the real base doesn’t have an official ICAO code

If you would like to purchase Elifriulia Tolmezzo Heliport, you can get it via Simmarket for a price of €10.50. It’s worth noting that, according to the product notes, you will only be able to install this scenery using Simmarket’s official app.

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