Hype Performance Group Releases Hot Air Balloon for MSFS

The Hype Performance Group recently released their own replica of a hot air balloon for the Microsoft Flight Simulator. The news came on their Twitter account and came as a surprise to the whole community.

The Hot Air Balloon from Hype Performance Group features a fully functional cabin, animated passengers, and PBR textures. The interior and exterior of the balloon are designed with precise details. On top of that, the balloon has 17 liveries and is optimized for VR with superb FPS.

If we talk about the avionics of the Hot Air Balloon, they are realistic, featuring steam gauges showing barometric altitude, vertical speed, and envelope thermometer. An EFB tablet is also included in the basket with helpful apps, such as GPS tracking, or an app to listen to live radio stations local ato the area you’re flying in.   

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Hot air balloons were the first technology to successfully carry humans via air. Today, hot air balloon rides can be found pretty much everywhere in scenic areas, which makes it the perfect addon for long evenings.

If you want a different and adventurous flight in the Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can buy this addon for $15 exclusively from the developer’s official website

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