iBlueYonder, FlightBeam release Portland for MSFS

iBlueYonder Portland

iBlueYonder announced an MSFS version of Portland two days ago, promising a release this weekend. And so it happened. Flightbeam posted this morning that Portland International Airport has indeed released and is available for purchase. This addon is a cooperation between iBlueYonder and Flightbeam, just like the P3D version.

Portland International Airport serves the city of Portland in Oregon. It is by far the biggest airport in the state, accounting for 90% of its air travel passengers and more than 95% of its air cargo. The Airport is a hub for Alaska Airlines and Ameriflight, who handle cargo operations to cities nearby. You can find flights to destinations all over the U.S. International flights are scarce, but there is the occasional plane heading for Canada or Mexico. There are many cargo flights from other operators here too.

If you have the P3D or X-Plane version, you’re eligible for a 30% discount. Use the code KPDXMSFS on checkout of the FlightBeam website. The addon is available for only $14.99 from the FlightBeam website and €14.99 from the MSFS Marketplace. No new pictures were shared, the screenshots below are from the announcement post.

Author: Dag

I first got into aviation 5 years ago. I bought FSX: Steam Edition first and used that for about a year. I wanted something more realistic and decided to buy some addons and eventually upgrade to Prepar3D and that's what I still use today. I've always loved writing and doing research and am very happy to put it to good use here.

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