ImagineSim Atlanta for MSFS Development Completed

ImagineSim, a well known developer responsible for many American airports for Prepar3D, has finished their work on Atlanta International Airport (KATL) for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

It has not yet been stated when exactly the scenery will be released, however, the development itself is completed. The developer noted it will be initially available in the in-game marketplace, and later on, on their website.

The airport is complete and going through the release process. It will initially be available in-sim via the MSFS Marketplace, then later from our website once our new MSFS sales and copy protection system is ready

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Imaginesim – Facebook Page

After the scenery release, we can expect the developers to work on Singapore Changi Airport (WSSS) for MSFS which should be followed by Barbados Airport (TBPB) scenery, Austin Airport (KAUS) scenery, LaGuardia Airport (KLGA) scenery, and at last, Shanghai Airport (ZSPD) scenery.

Earlier this month, Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport (KDFW) scenery was scheduled to be released after the Singapore scenery. It is unclear whether this is a mistake, or if the plans have changed.

Source: Imaginesim Facebook Page

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