Imaginesim Development Update (19.4.)

Imaginesim has today posted via their Facebook page a post regarding Prepar3D v5 installers they are working on and updates for all their six premium v4 airports. Based on the post, the developers are still working on the Prepar3D v5 installer, but they should be available shortly. No exact date was shared. Based on previous statements, all updates will be free of charge for current owners.

Imaginesim has also updated all six of their premium v4 airports such as Atlanta which have received a big update that fixes the textures and adds new lighting halo effects, while other sceneries got smaller improver updates. All sceneries feature one same change, and that is a fix to stop v4 SODE items from leaking across to v5.

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The previously mentioned updates are now available via Imaginesim Operations Center.

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