Immersive Audio 737 Development Update

Immersive Audio, who stays behind many audio add-ons to Prepar3D aeroplanes, is now working on the update of their most recent product – Immersive Audio 737. This product will be marked as v2 and will provide us with NGXu compatibility.

Last year, back on November 8th, 2019, a poll on their Facebook page started. Devs asked if they should leave the sound for the NGXu as they were before, or absolutely rework it, and make a new product. The second option won, so they are now working on the Immersive Audio 737 v2. In the post, they said some information about the upcoming product. It should have a whole new, improved, sounds and will be compatible with NGXu also as NGX.

This bigger upgrade will cost approximately €10, but for current customers of Immersive Audio 737 v1, version 2 will be completely free. For further information, stay tuned on FSNews.

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