iniBuilds A300 Development Update (25.4.)

iniBuilds, after a month of silence, posted a new development update regarding the upcoming Airbus A300-600R(F) rendition for X-Plane 11. At the start of the post, iniBuilds has made clear, that they are not planning to rush anything, but rather provide the “ultimate” experience to the customers.

iniBuilds Working Group is currently testing the aircraft while the developers are finalising remaining key systems.

While we are talking about systems we are happy to provide you some screenshots from this area of the aircraft below:

The post has continued talking about the release. Based on the post, when released, the aircraft will be available only as a cargo aircraft, but a free passenger expansion will be coming soon after the release.

Regarding the paint kit, it was said, that the paint kit will not be released prior to the aircraft release. On the other hand, iniBuilds livery painting team works hard on painting the liveries. If you want to request fictional, or realistic, liveries throughout the iniBuilds Discord server.

Source: iniBuilds

Author: George

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