3.11.2020 – 14:17z

IniBuilds A300 Development Update #8

A well-known flight sim developer iniBuilds has today shared a new update on their A300 development for X-Plane 11. The update contains insightful information into the internal workings of the complex aircraft and how it has been optimised over the past months since its release in August this year, as well as info on the new V1.1 of the aircraft.

To put it in simpler terms, the iniBuilds team has shared that they have optimized the A300 through refined code through means of less use of “flight loops” in the aircraft’s code. Loops of code are parts of code that listen to other parts of the aircraft’s systems and therefore see heavy usage of resources.

There will also be a large issue fixed in V1.1 fixing low FPS based on the number of waypoints in the FMS (more waypoints = fewer FPS) using the same refinement of flight loops in the aircraft’s code.

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The new V1.1 update will see a large increase in FPS on both long and short routes (100-200% less system usage on long routes, and 30-40% less system usage on short routes) of almost 20 more frames on long routes and around 12 for shorter routes.

The post is summarized by the team stating they are glad they have broken down and explained the issues leading to the delay of further updates and the passenger expansion coming in V1.1, as well as thanking the community for identifying bugs unbeknownst to the team and assisting the team with fixing them. The team also disclosed the features of V1.1 including the well-awaited passenger variant of the aircraft, bug fixes, weather radar functionality, Active Sky compatibility, and Mac compatibility.

Source: iniBuilds forum

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