iniBuilds A300 Development Update (XP11)

iniBuilds has been working on the Airbus A300 rendition for X-Plane 11 for quite a while now, and has today posted via their website a new development update. This time, the development update was rather short, and was focused on the development status.

Based on the post, the developers are finalising key systems of the aircraft while a testing phase is in progress. The final beta version of the aircraft is expected to be released in the next week or two.

Progress has been also made with the liveries. All currently available liveries for the aircraft can be found at the iniBuilds website. iniBuilds has also created a product page for the aircraft that can be found here.

It was also mentioned, that the iniBuilds team has some awesome things planned for us before the initial release. The release date is still unknown together with the pricing details. When released, the addon will feature only the cargo variant, but a free passenger variant will come later after the release.

Author: George

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