iniBuilds Addresses Beluga Development and Announces A310 Expansion (XP11)

iniBuids’ CEO, Ubaid Mussa, has just a few moments ago taken to the iniBuilds forums to address the development of Beluga expansion for the A300, to announce the first expansion for the upcoming A310 rendition, and at last, to announce Paris Beauvais Airport (LFOB) scenery and an update for the Shoreham Airport scenery.

Beluga (XP11)

First of all, based on the post, the development of Beluga expansion for the A300 has progressed fantastically and the aircraft is now in a beta testing phase. It was said, that the developers working on the Beluga expansion have improved or refined every single element on the aircraft. Some of these improvements will be later on implemented to the A300 rendition.

Although a feature list was not shared just yet, a set of previews showcasing both the aircraft exterior and interior can be seen below. It is clear from the screenshots that, as well as it was with the A300, the Beluga will feature custom ground equipment with custom animations. We should receive more information on the key features soon.

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While originally, the developer was intending to offer owners of the A300 a 15% discount on the Beluga expansion, the plans were changed, and existing owners of the A300 will be eligible to a 25% discount on the Beluga expansion.

Hawarden Airport (XP11)

As some may know, together with the aircraft, the scenery of Hawarden Airport (EGNR) will be released alongside as freeware for the community to enjoy. The scenery will offer its users features such as full PBR textures, SAM integration, 3D grass, color corrected orthoimagery, and all small details of the airport.

A set of previews showcasing the scenery can be seen below.

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A310 Expansion (XP11)

While the aircraft itself is still very much in development, the developers have today officially announced the first expansion for the A310 rendition. Upon release, users of the addon will be able to fly with both passenger and freighter variants. When will the additional expansions be released is yet unknown.

In regards to the new expansion:

We have been simply overwhelmed by the support we have received from the community and will be providing three extra unique models for free as part of this package.

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Ubaid – iniBuilds Forums

In addition, the first expansion was announced and is going to be A310 MRTT (Multi-Role Tanker Transport). The aircraft is currently being used only by the German Air Force and the Royal Canadian Air Force.

While it was not confirmed, some military functions were teased to be featured in the expansion in addition to the visual modifications.

Paris Beauvais Airport (LFOB) (XP11 & MSFS)

New scenery was announced to be in development from the iniScene team. The scenery will cover the Paris Beauvais Airport (LFOB), located just outside of the capital city of France, Paris.

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The scenery will initially be released for Microsoft Flight Simulator and for X-Plane 11 later on. There are no mentions of the expected features, pricing model, and release date in the post and so they all remain unknown for now.

Two renders were though included and can be seen below.

Shoreham Airport (MSFS)

At last, Ubaid has announced a new update to be soon released for the already available Shoreham Airport (EGKA) scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new version of the scenery will not only bring a plethora of bug fixes but a new main terminal model together with recreated ground lines as well.

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The complete changelog can be seen below. The update will be free of charge for existing customers, and it is unknown when will it be released. Soon after the update, the scenery should as well become available to be purchased through the in-game Marketplace.

Changelog (v1.1)

  • Re-modelled main terminal.
  • All airport ground lines re-created as a 3d projected mesh.
  • New Old Shoreham Toll bridge model.
  • Added airport perimeter fence.
  • New landside road and parking area textures.
  • Buildings behind runway 20 re-modelled.
  • Green monolith re-modelled.
  • New fuel pump models.
  • New dirt/weathered textures added to some buildings
  • Compatibility with the latest MSFS UK/Ireland world update
  • Plethora of bug fixes. 

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