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iniBuilds Releases A310 for X-Plane 11

Within the community being a highly-anticipated project, iniBuilds division iniSimulations has today released, after months of development and teasing the community, their second aircraft addon for X-Plane 11.

Bringing the legendary Airbus A310 to the simulator, it has much to offer. The developers at iniBuilds stated multiple times, that they have learned a lot from the A300 development, and used all the new knowledge and skills on this addon bringing it to the latest standards.

We’re proud to present our latest, most complex simulation to date; the iniSimulations A310-300 ON THE LINE. This 1980s jet is perfect for all operations near and far, fulfilling your simulation needs to the max.

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A310 Product Page – iniBuilds Store

In the initial release version, there are three variants of the aircraft available for you to fly with. They are: Passenger, Freighter, and ACJ (Airbus Corporate Jet). In the future, we can expect MRTT (Multi-Role Tanker Transport) and Medevac variants of the aircraft to be added in one of the free updates coming to the addon. The current expected release date for those is August 2021.

Other than that, the addon offers a very detailed depiction of the aircraft exterior and interior, systems developed accurately to the real counterpart for the best realism possible, custom failure system, or even a CPDLC integration which is not very common for aircraft addons for X-Plane 11.

Additionally, a set of custom ground vehicles and equipment come with the aircraft together with realistic animations for the best experience on the ground, or a custom EFB with an accurate performance calculator.

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Last but not least, custom FMOD sounds are present in the addon based on recordings from the real aircraft for the best immersion, two engine variants (GE & PW), and extensively tuned flight model developed to capture A310 characteristics and behaviour.

If you want to purchase the aircraft, you can do so through the iniBuilds Store for approximately €81. There is a 35% discount available to owners of the A300 that is automatically applied if you use the same account.

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